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Aktualisierte Version des Retina MacBook 2016. Modell A1534, EMC 3099. Jetzt mit schnelleren Kaby Lake Prozessoren bis zu 1,4 GHz Core i7 mit Turbo Boost bis zu 3,6 GHz und bis zu 50 Prozent schnellerer SSD und unterstützt bis zu doppelt so viel Speicher.

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MB 2017 won't turn on - how to diagnose before moving to logic board?

This 2017 MacBook Retina 12 inch is dead. Different chargers and cables don't make a difference. Resetting SMC with the left ctrl + left option + left shift + power for 10 seconds doesn't work. Holding down the power button for 10 seconds doesn't work.

I even gently lifted the logic board from the internal battery connector, held it in place with plastic spludgers, plugged the MacBook into a charging brick, and tried the key combinations above.

What else can I do before testing the logic board...which I haven't found any guides to do at the moment.

Can I test the USB-C port with a multimeter to check for connectivity?

Any advice that helps me diagnose this would be great!

Edit: I've attached a photo of the board.

Block Image

Block Image

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@fixwiki try this first and see what you can determine

Minimum Configuration

Putting the computer in a minimum configuration helps determine which part may be malfunctioning by reintroducing parts one at a time until the problem recurs. This procedure is useful when troubleshooting symptoms such as:

No power

Will not start up

Kernel panic

To troubleshoot the MacBook using the minimum configuration, remove or disconnect all parts except:

Logic board

I/O board and flex cable assembly

Audio board

Audio board flex cable

Speaker/antenna module (Early 2015 and 2016 only)


5W power adapter (Do not use a higher wattage for minimum configuration.)

USB-C cable

Reinstall or reconnect remaining parts one at time until the issue is replicated.

I'd be checking the I/O board first since that would be the entry point for power.

Block Image

The LIO is what I was referring to

Block Image

Update 04/17/2022

this is F3500 and it's a fuse on the PPVBUS_LIO. See if you have power and /or continuity on it. If you do not then you know the issue originates on your LIO board. You do need a closer, clearer picture of your logic board to identify things . Also, consider checking the connector from the LIO on your logic board.

Block Image

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@oldturkey03 This is very helpful information. To know that if I connect the computer to its charger via USB-C, that the board should accept the electricity, which would enable the small light to illuminate when the gold button is depressed.

I've never once been able to get the small LED to light up. Does this indicate that electricity never gets to the Logic Board?


@fixwiki sure looks like it. If the LED does not come on you do not get power to the board.


@oldturkey03 So I could check for continuity on the USB-C port. Is there anything else I can check? You mentioned the I/O board.


@fixwiki yes you could. One of the things to check would be if you are you getting power from the LIO to the board?


@oldturkey03 Alright, so.... I'll need a multimeter to check , yes? I have 2-probe voltage tester that can go as low as 32V DC. 😁


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I have been very successful on this problem by just attaching a new battery. If it works, then I install the battery. most of the time I do not get the low battery icon on the screen before doing this.

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is posible to charge batery of MiniBook 2017 Retina using a HUB 4 with regular USB enter and mini exit USB 2 or 3 only to recharge the batery ? I find a new cable (chinese ) but don't work.


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