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Die Oculus Quest 2 ist der Nachfolger der Oculus Quest die am 21. Mai 2019 auf den Markt kam. Die Quest 2 ist ein überarbeitetes Model mit einem besseren Prozessor und neu gestalteten Touch Controllern.

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My left quest 2 controler stick is stuck pressing down!

one day i was on my way to somewhere when the water bottle in my bag opened and spilled on my quest 2 & controllers my quest & right controller was fine but my left controller hadn't had the battery protector on so it got "more" water damage than the rest & now its infinitely pressed in before it also had stick drift becals of the water to but that gone away after time strangely so if you could pleas give me some possible that would be good thanks.

btw the stick isn't physically pressed in I've tried to just pull the stick out it didn't work like in the mechanics its pushed down thx.

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Kian Wareing sounds like it gets shortened out. I suggest that now is a good time to open it up. Use this guide Oculus Quest 2 Controller auseinandernehmen for that. Then clean everything with some high grade isopropyl alcohol (+95%) and a soft brush Check for burned out or otherwise damaged looking components etc. Post some pictures of what find with your QUESTION. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

After it is properly cleaned replace the battery and reassemble. Then see what it does.

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2 - 5 minutes

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30 - 45 minutes

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