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trying to reset and delete all data

used 'option+command+R' option and followed the steps. After finishing the setup and restarting the macbook, got the following message! please help, thnk u :)

Block Image

Update (05/09/2022)

Block Image

what should be my next step?

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what should be my next step?


Your next step would be to format the drive to macOS extended journaled

(It may already be formatted that way ,even if it is do it a again)


@hellomacos thank you, it worked :) would it be possible to update my OS to 11 or higher? (early 2011 model)


I believe so

Here’s a link https://youtu.be/go6RTCHv4GA

This video will show you how to install Monterey on your Mac if you need any help with it I can try and help but I haven’t ever done a patcher but I’m quite good with macs



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Sounds like you having a issue with installing macOS

My advise here would be to reboot into internet recovery and reformat you drive inside

If this doesn’t work create a install usb or disk to install

Hopefully this answers your question

If need any help with anything please don’t hesitate to ask me or any other people


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