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Also known as the Volkswagen Eurovan, produced between 1990 and 2003, succeeding the Volkswagen Type 2 (T3) and followed by the Volkswagen Transporter (T5).

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Volkswagen T6 transporter glow plug light and limp mode


My Dads Volkswagen T6 transporter is giving him a light and going into a very slow limp mode

Does anyone know what it could be

It’s not a very old machine it’s only about 30,000miles on the van

Any answers will be greatly appreciated


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Hi @hellomacos

Get the vehicle's ODB2 port scanned for any error codes.

If there are any codes they will tell you what the problem is. It is the quickest way to know what the problem is.

Places such as AutoZone etc in the USA do this for free

Here's an image to show where it's located

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

There's lots of info online about what VW T6 ODB2 codes mean once you know what the codes are.

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Hi @jayeff

We have done the OBD2 check and it doesn’t show any codes

Any other ideas




I don't know about VW but if the glow plug light is on it indicates that the glow plugs are warming up the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder for more efficient starting on cold engines, but then it should turn off after a very short time

At least this is what they do in my Forester diesel. The light is always on on starting and lasts for about 2-3 seconds before going out..

So maybe if the glow plug light stays on it may indicate a problem with them or a sensor that determines when to turn them off. I don't know. Although you would think there would be a code if that happened.

Unless of course the light means something else when coupled with limp mode but you didn't say that the check engine light was also on.

A quick search online shows that a glow light on/limp mode condition seems very common with VW T6 and there are lots of different causes - egr problem being the most favoured although not always the reason.

Make sure that there is sufficient coolant and oil in the engine because egr problems can affect both.

Is the vehicle still under warranty at all? 30,000 miles is not much mileage.



The check engine light was on but went off and the glow plugs lights came on

And I forgot to say but the light is flashing



As I said lots of T6 glow plug info online.

Here's just one link where it seems that there can be multiple reasons for the light to blink and the vehicle to go into limp mode. Not all the causes shown were on the same vehicle ;-)

Also very strange that there was a check engine light but no stored DTC codes from the OBD2 port


Thanks for the link

It’s greatly appreciated



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