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Can't get my iPod to go to disk mode

I just replace the battery in my ipod. When i turn it on, it says that i need Itunes to restore it but when i hook it up, i get the red x. I heard that i need to put in disk mode first to restore it but when i try, all i get is the apple screen then a blank then a apple again, then it ask for Itunes again. Is there something i'm missing (besides my hold switch which i am waiting to come in) to get into disk mode?

Update: i was able to get the ipod into diagnostic mode and when i did the Hd drive test, it failed so i guess it has either a bad hd cable or hd.

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The red X and the fact that you can not get your iPod into Disk mode is a pretty good indication that you are having Hard Drive problems. Somewhere on here people are pretty successful with slapping the iPod really hard, so as to free a stuck HDD. I is my opinion that if it does work, it is only temporary. I would go ahead and replace the HDD and the HDD cable. Not a terrible complicated task, and cheaper than a new iPod. You'll find the guide right here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Slapping the Ipod worked for me too!!


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WHAT THE !&&*? lol I'm sitting here slapping the $@$* out of my iPod and it's not doing anything... I've had smarter moments.. Oy... this sucks cause my iPod is the same gen as this forum and has the same exact problem. Maybe I should replace the hard drive gear...just tired of rotten apples...

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