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Das Apple iPhone SE der 3. Generation ist mit einem A15-Prozessor und einem 4,7 Zoll-LCD-Display ausgestattet.

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iPhone SE 2022 (3rd gen): Front LCD and Back Glass Broken Shattered

Hi, I made my iPhone SE 2022 (3rd generation) drop from like 30cm of height. That resulted in both the front LCD and the back glass completely shattering and making me turn on my old indestructible iPhone 6S.
Fixing it at Apple would cost me nearly 400 euros, so I will never bring it to them.

I was trying to search for parts, but it seems like iPhone SE 2022 parts are still unavailable, even on iFixit.

1) Where can I buy parts (front lcd + back glass) for my iPhone?
2) Is the LCD for iPhone SE 2020 (2nd generation) good even for this iPhone SE 2022?

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Buy AppleCare+, you can still buy it within 60 days of device purchase, I don't think it is possible to exceed 60 days for this device yet.

It costs 89 euros and each whole device insurance claim is 99 euros. This saves you 200 euros and gives you 100% factory quality repair.

Or wait for the Apple's self-service repair to come to Europe. It will guarantee 100% factory quality repair for the screen, you don't have to worry about Touch ID or True Tone. Then go outside to repair the back glass for cheap.

Both solutions costs way less than Apple's current quote and gives you total or almost total factory quality repairs, you just need to make perfect timing for the offer availability.

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Didn't know about the AppleCare+, but I don't want to have to deal with apple anymore, I'm tired of their behavior.

Anyway, thanks for the answer :)


In the end I did repair my iPhone with a 30 euros old iPhone 8/SE 2020 screen. I wasn't able to reinstall the home button because of the shape of the part that can't fit the new LCD.

I save 350 euros and some diesel truck trips :)


Hello! As for the back glass, what did you do? Is the SE 2020 back glass compatible? Thanks


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