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Repair and information guide for the Samsung RF266 refrigerator—a bottom freezer refrigerator without ice dispenser, featuring both drawer and door access for food storage. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RF266****.

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Samsung Freezzer Not Freezing

I have a Samsung Fridge/Freezer, model# RF266AFRS/XAC. The freezer won't freeze anything - it's warm but the digital readout says it's -20.

Any suggestions?

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@zoomyb I wonder if it just not switch on because your temp registers as low.....Have you checked with an external thermometer etc. what the temp is?


I don't understand what you mean by not switched on.

The fridge is on. The fridge is the proper temp - check with a thermometer.

Freezer is not freezing anything - thermometer reads 3 degrees celsious, should be -19. Read out on fridge says it's -19 and nothing is freezing.


@zoomyb what I mean is that your temp shows as -19 so the main board is not telling the compressor to turn on and provide proper cooling temps. Let me see if we can find a wiring diagram for this model


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@zoomyb see if this works for your refrigerator.

2) Self-diagnostic function during normal operation


4-1-3. Self-diagnostic function

1-1) Micom operates self-diagnostic function to check the temperature sensor condition within 1 second when the refrigerator turned On initially.

1-2) If bad sensor is detected by the self-diagnostic function, the applicable display LED will blink for 0.5 sec.

At this moment, there is no beep sound.(Refer to self-diagnostic CHECK LIST)

1-3) Self-diagnostic button is recognized only when the error is displayed by the bad sensor. Display does not operate normally but temperature control will be controlled by the emergency operation.

1-4) When the error is detected by self-diagnosis, the error can be canceled automatically if all troubled sensors are corrected or Self-diagnostic function key (Energy Saver Key + Alarm/Lighting Key ) are pressed simultaneously for 8 seconds.

(Return to normal display mode)

2-1) If Energy Saver Key + Alarm/Lighting Key are pressed simultaneously for 6 seconds during normal operation, the temperature setting display will operate for 2 seconds (ON/OFF 0.5sec each).

If Energy Saver Key + Alarm/Lighting Key are pressed simultaneously for 8 seconds (including above 2 seconds), self-diagnostic function will be selected.

2-2) At this moment, self-diagnostic function will be returned with buzzer sound 'ding-dong'.

If there is an error, display of error will be operated for 30 seconds and then return to normal condition whether problem is corrected or not.

(Refer to self-diagnosis CHECK LIST)

2-3) Input by button is not accepted during self-diagnostic function.

If these steps work for yours, see if it gives you an error. I would expect an F-sensor error which would be the Freezer temperature sensor.

Block Image

This should be showing you where the sensor connects to on the PCB

Block Image

Here is the troubleshooting section from the SM for the RF265_RF266 Samsung Rf265 Rf266 4

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Thank you for all that info. Very helpful but it still is the same.

No error codes come up. fans all work.

So the interesting thing is that the sensors all give good values for the "real"

(5 cel) temps but the display still says -20 cel. Does this mean the board is defective



If all the sensors give the correct measurement right back to where they connect to the board and just not when disconnected and measured at the sensor itself, then most likely the board is the problem., i.e. disconnect the sensor wire at the board and measure it there between the sensor wire and earth

If not it may be a wiring problem between a sensor and the board


The Diagnostic mode says that there is a problem with my F-Sensor. Tech ignored me and said control board is not working. They replaced the control board and it is still not working. Would a defective F-Sensor also stop the Refrigerator from working?


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