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Model A1224 / Mitte 2007 und Anfang 2008 / 2, 2.4, oder 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Specific second display query

Hi all,

Have upgraded the RAM and SSD on my iMac thanks to iFixit! All I'm missing now is ability use it as a second screen to my tiny PC laptop, following home working move.

Having seen posts for years that without Target Display Mode it can't be done (but also seen posts also referring to screen-recycler and also network sharing from a PC).

So I want to move past TDM as clearly there are options and to find out what possibilities there are for a working iMac be best used as an extended screen to a PC. Or failing this, at least mirroring as large monitor?

Any help greatly received


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Evening @morganbach,

Unfortunately those tutorials likely required jerryrigging the entire insides to not actually make it a functional computer anymore. I know this for my 27" 2010 imac that is sitting broken in my room as i type this

I'd say: If this is your workstation (But considering it's dual core chip i don't know if it's still worthy), then use that pc laptop separately. Personally i prefer to either have a thin and light and then an attachment that makes it workstation class or have a thin and light and a workstation to go between the two. Unfortunately i don't have either of these setups to test but I reckon these are best. Of course the 20" imac is very unique so i can see why you want to keep it's internals.

What Laptop model are you running atm?


[Weeps] ... thought as much, will look for larger desk and room too. Thanks for taking the time regardless folks. Much appreciated.


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As you discovered you need two Mac systems which share a common interface standard: FireWire or Thunderbolt and be running OS-X/macOS which it sounds like you have a Windows laptop PC not a Mac laptop. Understanding the Applications for Target Disk Mode

Screen sharing is the next possible option but that too requires both systems having the same OS and a local network or a service like Zoom which you need access to the internet to their server by both systems, which again is not really possible here.

That leaves the last possible way which I doubt you'll do as it requires you wipe your systems drives and install Linux and then though the Ethernet connection run a Linux application that allows you to share the screen Share your desktop

But that defeats using your two systems as they are now with OX-X/macOS and MS Windows.

At this point I think the smarter direction is just getting an external display it will be the most useful as you can get then needed connections to use it with either system. No alterations to your systems and will be the cheapest way if you can get a used unit.

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I'm not a mac user but I have used a technique similar to this to extend my android's display to my pc and the reverse not sure it's what you're looking to do but sounds to me it might be:


Deskreen : connect any device with a web browser over wifi to any other. Linux, windows or mac. Free.

No hardware needed on the mac end but you'll need a dummy plug for the pc. (Not needed if you only want to share one app window) This isn't what I have used but it's open source and will work on a mac. There may be other similar solutions this is just the first one I turned up that seemed appropriate. Hope it helps you.

In fact, I m certain there are other solutions, but not sure there are any other free ones.

If you'd rather pay to do the same thing this will also work:


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