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Reparaturanleitungen und Teardown-Informationen für das 14" MacBook Pro, das im Oktober 2021 veröffentlicht worden ist. Es verfügt über die neuen M1 Pro und M1 Max Chips von Apple. Modellnummer A2442.

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Weird screen edge spot

I just bought my first Macbook and as it`s great all over, I`ve noticed that on the top edge of the screen there are bright lines. Is it normal or should I be concerned? I`m thinking if it`s pay off the hustle to return it if there is a chance to get it again as (maybe) it`s not unusual.

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@jakubkn - I see a white line along the rubber gasket where the screen and metal edge meet up. Is that what you are noting?

If it is does this looks like light leaking out or is it some adhesive that squeezed out?


@danj Yes. Unfortunately it`s neither of that. It`s visible with screen turned off. Tried microfibre cloth of course, but it is more like cut or brushed that black layer at very end.


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If it bothers you I would make the effort to get it fixed (they would likely replace the display) if you just got it then they would likely exchange the system out. I don't think this is a widespread issue, to be safe I would open the packaging up at the store and make a good inspection.

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I believe this is a manufacturing defect, the black paint behind the glass has been scuffed off maybe by production fixture.

A tiny amount of paint scuffing off may allow light reflected across the front glass to leak out the edges.

Ask Apple if they would offer exchange or repair. It is possible that they will refuse citing this is just a cosmetic issue.

If Apple won't fix it for free, in my opinion this tiny defect is not worth fixing, since you'll need to replace the whole display, maybe just paint it over using a black sharpie.

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