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Desktop PC built from off-the-shelf DIY parts, rather than a prebuilt from a major manufacturer. These can also be built by an SI using off-the-shelf parts.

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My screen frequently glitches and my computer crashes.

I've had it since August, and it's always been a little bit glitchy, but in the past few weeks it's become unusable. Doing anything on it will cause the screen to start flickering on and off and shifting colors, and cause patterns of green dots or squares to cover the screen. After a few seconds of this, it shuts down. Often times, the lights on the tower will light up, but my keyboard, mouse, and monitor stay off. I'll include some images

Block Image

, and I can provide more details if needed. Thanks in advance!

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@goose118 could be a bad monitor or a bad video card. Try the monitor on another device and see if it does the same. If so you most likely need a new main board for that one. If it does not then it could be your video card or your memory. Try another video card if you have one. Let us know what you find out.

For anything further we would need to know the make and model of your motherboard, make and model of your video card, which operating system you use, the amount of RAM your computer has.

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Are you overclocking anything?


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