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The Leica Z2X is a film camera with a 2x Optical Zoom and a Mid-roll Rewind function and f/4.0-7.6. The item was produced from 1997 to 2002.

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Why is my power adapter overheating?

Leica camera is undoubtedly one of the good cameras, besides, I have a drone, I can't classify it for him, what is the reason for the drone to experience severe heat after flying?https://www.autelpilot.com/

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Is the power adapter you are using rated for to current drawn by your device(s)? Is it a quality adapter or are you using one from a less reliable manufacturer? Specs on such devices are not always reliable. Is anything hampering heat dissipation?


@uchetil well,I‘ll check


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Could be a faulty battery, have you noticed any change in charge time or usable life of the battery when charged?

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