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Angekündigt im August 2017. Das Galaxy Note8 ist der Nachfolger des durch Rückruf bekannten Galaxy Note7. Erhältlich war das Note8 im September 2017.

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Photos are negatives but color inversion is OFF

Why did my nice dark screen turn white And turn my pictures nto negatives

Screen color changed from original color. my pictures look like negatives now.

I cant get original screen back.

I have tried everything. There are lots of well meaning posts saying Just uncheck negative colors. Thanks for trying, but it's unchecked. This happened on it's own. Same with dark mode. Same with high contrast. Same with color adjustment-all OFF.

I'm an experienced user who has wiped the cache, used safe mode, and uninstalled Good Lock. Nothing works. I looked at many posters and although many people were helped by suggestions like "reboot", many still have the problem. I've tried everything that's been said, and still have the problem

No matter what, even with vanilla, stock settings, all extras turned off, my phone behaves exactly like negative colors is on- but it's not. And not in developer options. And it happened suddenly, last month. All updates are applied. Samsung has no clue. My undying gratitude, in advance.

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Hi @migemet

Was there a firmware update last week or even any app updates?

I realize safe mode should only load necessary non user downloaded apps but maybe an existing necessary app was updated.



Thank you so much. Certainly. This happened over a month ago & there've been security patches. I'm not sure if that counts as firmware, my understanding stops at that point. I'll check in system information and post what it says in a few hours.


@jayeff One UI 1.0, Android 9.0, Last software update April 21, 2022 followed by 41 digit version #, 188.88 MB, Security patch level December 1, 2020,

So yeah, that's about exactly when it happened. I wonder if other people are having problems with the update, what is there anything I can do about it? Many thanks


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Two options come to mind.

1. Perform a hard reset (aka factory reset) just in case the firmware was corrupted when installing.


Backup the phone to a computer or the cloud before performing the reset as all your data and downloaded apps will be erased. Once the phone has been reset and if it is working OK you can restore the phone i.e. your data and apps, to what it was by using the restore function found in the Settings menu with the backup you made.

If the phone has a Google account tied to it, remember the user name and password for the account as you will need to know it, to access the phone after the reset due to the FRP lock (factory reset protection) being enabled by the reset.

Ensure that the battery is at least 80% charged.

2. If still no good, try rolling back the update and see if that resolves the problem. See the Important note above as doing this will also erase all your data etc.

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This is a really good answer, because I avoided doing a factory reset for years, because of the hundreds of settings I'll have to restore. However, There is no other solution than going into the operating system code. Before I do it, do you know of any other way, using perhaps Xposed, or Tasker? Thank you otherwise, your protective comments about restoring the phone are immensely useful since that is what I'm going to have to do.



Never used either of the apps you mentioned but it seems that Xposed is primarily used with a "rooted" phone which I assume yours isn't so you would have to do this first and then perhaps see if you can change the screen back.

Tasker can do things automatically (once it is set up) that I presume you can manually do already but with the screen you cannot change it back at all so I don't see how this would work, but as I said I have never used either and this is only based on what I have just read about their functions.


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