Mac Pro 5,1 BT Connector Pinout

My MacPro is a 5,1 (2010)

If you look closely on the plug (with a magnifying glass, or take a pic and zoom in) it says on it "H JST" & "6U-B." Also, It is a 6-pin plug, not 4. The bluetooth module only uses 4 wires/4 pins, but it is a 6-pin plug, with 2 spaces left empty.

EDIT: Oops, My bad! it is a 4-pin connection on the Motherboard interface. the other end of the wire (connecting to original BT Card) is a 6-pin. I got mixed up thinking they were both 4pin. Sorry.

I'll post my pictures if i can figure out how.

I hope this helps.

I am trying to solve this problem myself. Instead of looking for an adapter/plug and waiting on mailing time ... I am considering cutting and splicing the original onto my new BT module's cable. The only problem is I don't know if the wires/pins match up in function. My BT Module cable has 4 wires as well, and I assume they'd have the same function, but I am not sure if they are in the same order. Can anyone help me answer this so that I don't mess it up when splicing it? Does anyone know the pin line up of the socket this wire plugs into on the motherboard?

See my post below for more details.

Thank you for any help/advise you all can provide me!

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Can't figure out how to post pics.


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