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Das im November 2020 erschienene 13" MacBook Air verfügt über Apples Arm-basierten M1-SoC mit einer 8-Kern-CPU und bis zu einer 8-Kern-GPU. (Modell A2337 / EMC 3598 mit zwei Thunderbolt 3-Anschlüssen)

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Why is my keyboard unresponsive?

Trackpad works, power button works, backlight works. No errors found in sytem diagnostics. Computer works fine with external keyboard, but cannot even login with onboard keyboard. Thank you!

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Did you have a liquid spill or sit the system down on a wet surface? Is your system still covered under warranty?

Reference this guide: MacBook Air 13 Zoll (Ende 2020) Logic Board tauschen

I would check the following cable connections

Block Image

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Thanks for your reply, Dan! No liquid damage that I am aware of and not under warranty even though it's less than two years old. I appreciate the info you shared and will use it if I decide to buy the logic board replacement. It's a lot of money, though, and I'm kind of down on apple after this experience. Had to ship another computer to them for a keyboard/logic board replacement.


@contactfritz - Reseat the cables I pointed out that may solve things.


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