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2008 netbook; Model ZG5 AOA150-1691; 8.5" screen; 1.6 GHz N270 Intel Atom Processor

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Computer turns off with a click sound after about 30 seconds?


I started to have this issue a few days back. When I switch on my acer netbook, everything is fine, it boots up; but about 35 seconds after switching it on (yes, I timed it and it happens after so long consistently!!!), it makes a clicking noise and just turns off!!!

I have already tried to flash the BIOS, but it did not help.

Here are my system specs:

model: Acer Aspire One 8.9 inch, ZG5

OS: Ubuntu 11.10

HDD: 160 GB


Any help on what to do or where to look would be greatly appreciated!!!




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Over heating, cooler does not work propelly...

I have same issue with every update on ubuntu...

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This is common problem with ZG5. It is the fan. Upon disassembly, you will note the fan has three leads. One for power, one for ground and a third lead that senses fan rotation. Check for free rotation of the fan and correct or replace and your problem should go away.

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