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Das Samsung Galaxy A40 wurde im April 2019 veröffentlicht.

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Why is my phone shutting off randomly?

I have a Samsung Galaxy A40 which keeps shutting down randomly, for some minutes after it has shut off it doesnt want to turn back on and if i try to plug it in a charger it just bootloops. I cant also take a picture with flash or it will shut off, what can it be the issue?

Update (05/29/2022)

also its not a software issue cuz i factory resseted it

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The battery is going out. Here's a guide to replace it:

Samsung Galaxy A40 Akku tauschen

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thanks i guess


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There are other possibilities, @guardian10 is probably correct, but it could be due to for example water damage or a recently added app. If the phone works okay while plugged in to power with the original cable and power supply, but not when unplugged. (Assuming no damage). He is right. If it makes no differences, restart in safe mode to disable 3rd party apps, if it works fine figure out which were installed bout the time the symptoms began. See if uninstalling it fixes things... if no joy a new battery may cure it. I'd recheck the charger and cable first, though.

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You re right, that factory reset ruled out software issues, I was thinking soft reset!


I factory resseted the phone 3 times but didnt help


one time it shut off during the factory reset


the issues dissapear when plugged in


Then that gives you the answer, if it works fine while plugged in: it is time for a new battery. Follow the guide @guardian10 posted above or find a local shop or a mail-in repair service to do it for you.


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