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Phone is turning on, but screen stays black

I've got p20 pro with completly smashed screen, it was turning on. There were vibrations and sounds like normally, just screen was black. I was sure it was damaged, beacuse it was shattered, so I changed screen and nothing changed. Screen stays black while charging, turning on, but I can hear that phone is working. I have no idea what to do...

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@shironista how did the screen get smashed? Any potential damage to teh circuit board? You checked the connector to make sure it is all properly inserted? Check the connector for any damage on the contacts? You got a display from a reliable source? Have you checked in a darkened room and by shining a flashlight at an angle against the screen, if you can see anything on your screen (looking for a bad backlight here)


It was dropped, and I don't really think it could be damaged that badly. I reinserted the connector couple of times, so it should be fine at least once. Source is reliable, seller had very good opinions.


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Try a soft reset:

Press and hold the Power and Volume down key wait 'til it restarts. If that fails try a safe boot.

Press and hold the power button and release it when you see the Huawei logo. on screen. Quickly press and hold the Volume down key, hold it till the phone reboots, If this works it means there's a problem with a recently installed app, remove it. You can also try clearing your cache once you have the screen available. This may not work, but it often does, holler if it doesn't.

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