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Repair and service information related to the ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP machine. Also known as the ResMed Air10.

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My humidifier heater isn't working.

My Airsense 10 is about 2 years old. My humidifier heater quit. I pulled the cover and checked the fuse and it is good. I don't have a schematic to check the test points. Could you give me some info on the heater?


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Yes this is the fuse under the heater plate. I unclipped it to test its continuity.


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Bg Higg by checked the fuse I assume your are referring to the one under the heater unit like shown on here Data on the heater is not freely available so I would go ahead and replace the heater on use a bench power supply to see if that could run the heater.

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