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A mirrorless digital camera by Olympus introduced in 2014.

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Repair broken battery cover

Does anyone know how to place all these pieces

Block Image

back into the cover

Block Image


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I don't think you can put these parts back together to make this work. It appears you are missing the screws and it also looks like the plastic is damaged.

Basically you need a new battery door assembly. Olympus Corp has spun off its camera division as they have stopped making cameras. You'll need to contact them see if they can ship you the replacement assembly. I'll warn you they are very possessive with their manilas and parts. They will try to get you to ship the camera to them for repair and it won't be cheap!

Play the heart strings as best as you can, I've managed to get a battery case from them with tears running down my face to break their will ;-}

Olympus Camer Repair

You might want to look locally for a repair shop they may have the part, or look at finding a parts system.

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Leire Diez Larrea unlikely that you get this "glued" back together. I suggest that you replace it. Parts are available at places like this and on here as well

Depending on where you are, you can also check for original Olympus parts right here

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