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A ChromeOS based budget laptop. Has the ability to run Linux with ChromeOS. Made by Lenovo.

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Won't power on

I do chromebook repairs for a school district and I have come across a couple hundred 100es that have a charge light, are fully charged (left on charger for 1 day or more), but don't seem to turn on. I've verified that the battery and screen/topcase are working by testing them on other chromebooks. I've also plugged in an external display and the cbs are not sending any display signal. Seems to be any issue with the motherboard perhaps?

I've tried these troubleshooting steps (aside from verifying the physical components as noted above)
-forcing a powerwash

-draining flea power

-unplugging all connections from motherboard and reseating them

-toggling "shipping mode" on the batteries

Sorta at a loss. Anyone else experience this issue or have a fix ?

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I would check the battery’s with a multi-metre to make sure they are charging

If they are t you will have hook them up to a bench power supply and charge them at a low power going into them as we won’t want to damage them do we:-)


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The Lenovo 100e Chromebooks have a problem with ribbon cable flaps not staying in place. Open the bottom of the unit and check the flaps on the ribbon cables of the power board. one will probably be up or not down tight. we place a small piece of electrical tape on them to hold the down.

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