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The ASUS Essentio is a tower PC manufactured by ASUS, identifiable by the model number CM6870. Released in 2012.

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Why is my ASUS CM6870 desktop not giving display?

I believe I have this model of Desktop. I got it from a shop not too long ago, and I got it free for parts. It does turn on, but this is where my issue lies. I plugged in the HDMI cable and powered on. I got a display for a few seconds and then it went blank. Tried a few more times, got display a few times, but turned off every time. I don't think there is anything wrong with the HDMI port since I got the display those few times, but I am not entirely sure what to do to fix my issue. Does anyone have any ideas?

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With the power disconnected, if they are present, disconnect all components such as hard drive, video card, etc. Take out RAM. Take out CMOS coin battery and press power button to clear BIOS settings.

Now just plug in the power cable. Does it turn on and stay on? If Yes then one of the components is defective. Install one at a time until it shuts off as you describe above.

Did that help?

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Hi @jakesrepair

According to the specifications it has a Nvidia GPU card installed so try removing it and connect the monitor to the onboard video connectors i.e. vga, DVI-D or HDMI and check if there is a display. (The CPU has inbuilt graphics)

If so the GPU card is the problem.

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