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Apple Watch Series 2, angekündigt am 7. September 2016 und veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016.

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Apple Watch Series 2 won't charge, even after battery replaced

Bought it used a year or two ago.

It worked fine until a few months ago when it stopped charging.

I assumed that the battery had just gone bad.

Bought a new one, installed it, and it still won't charge.

So either the new battery is faulty or something else is wrong with the watch (either from age or from when I opened it up).

It is probably not possible to troubleshoot any further, or not cost-effective as the part that is probably bad would cost more to replace than the watch is worth.


P.S. There is nothing on the display to indicate that the battery is charging. I also tried another charger to make sure that the charger was not the problem.

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This gets tricky! You could have a bad battery, the induction coil is bad or the S2 SoC logic is damaged.

I would get a USB power meter to put in series with the charging puck so you can see what is happening when you place the watch on the puck (start off with the puck alone) take note of the steady state of current draw. If it doesn't change it's likely the puck or the watches induction coils are not working. Try a second puck if that still fails then it's likely the watches induction coil or the battery is bad.

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I don't have a USB power meter, but I have a battery-operated Craftsman multimeter

1) What should I set it to? Volts, amps, ohms, etc.?

2) When you say "in series", I know you mean to touch the red (or black) lead from the multimeter to the charging puck, then (do something) with the other lead, but I'm not sure exactly what. Can you be more specific? Sorry for the newb question.


In order to measure current, the meter must be between the source of the power and the device being measured. So in order to use your multimeter, you will need to take a USB cable and cut the +5V signal line. Connect the red lead from the multimeter to the end of the wire providing power and the black lead to the wire going to the charging puck.

Set the meter to read amps, and given the miniscule amount of power drawn by an Apple Watch, set it to the lowest possible reading scale. If the display overflows, you can always bump it up to the next setting.

Measure the current being drawn by the puck without the watch on it, the place the watch on the charger and observe the difference in current being drawn.


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