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This is a troubleshooting and installation guides device page for the Sony PS2 Slimline SCPH-7500x. The Sony PlayStation 2 Slimline computer system is small, slim and a network ready game console.

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We’re can I get a new ps2 77001 disc reader?

My sister dropped our ps2 slimline a few years back before we moved and I was wondering were I can get an new disc reader because it’s spins fine but doesn’t read the disc it gives you an error message that disc can’t be found

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I might find another ps2 slim console on marketplace and use the one that I have for parts


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This site may help:


There are other sources. Search around.

and once you have the parts this will help yopu replace it:

PlayStation 2 Slimline SCPH-7500x Optical Drive Replacement

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I usual find anything like this on eBay or AliExpress

These sites also have lots of things for customising and modding these semi-retro consoles ,so if you wanted while you are changing out your disk drive you could make things look nicer but it’s up to you though

Hopefully this helps


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