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Power issues - hear beeps

So, first my Lenovo 510S Idea Center desktop had the power going on for 2 sec, then off, then on again for 2 sec, then off. I read something on this website to try removing the "coin shaped" battery inside, hold power button for 30 sec and then try powering on again. Good news is it did seem to accomplish something, because now when I power on it makes 3 beeps at same tone, then one beep at a lower tone and repeats. Not sure what I can do now. Maybe someone knows what I can now do? Thank you!!

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3 -1 beeps is usually related to a memory problem. Try reseating the RAM modules.

Here is the url for the Lenovo 510S Idea Center:


Let know if you need more information.

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Thanks so much, Mike! Actually I did try that, even cleaned it etc. and I still have the problem. Do you think if I replaced the RAM card entirely it might help?


Hi @Laura Giannini

Do you have one or two RAM modules? If just one try it in both sockets.

So it could be defective RAM or rarely, a defective slot. The RAM itself is more likely but do try both slots. If it is the RAM you could use the oportunity to increase the RAM up to 16GB (2 x 8GB). No promises that it works. It is DDR4 type so still current.

When you move between slots it wouldn't hurt to try the "coin" battery routine again.

Let us know how it goes.


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