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Using Coconut Battery with the M1 Processor

I'm not sure if the issues is with Monterey or the M1 processor but Coconut Battery gives very false information with one or both of these. The Mac is listed as being built in 2010 and the battery built in 1979. It also show the Maximum Charge at 2.3%.. I tried the App Store Battery Health App and it shows them battery to be just fine. Are there other 3rd party Appsmthat are known to not work with the M1 or Monterey?

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Hi @mayer - Are you using the 3.9.9 release?

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Looks like I was not, even though I had run the update on it. I had trashed the old one, but when I saw your question I download a new one, and it works correctly.


@mayer - FYI: If you use TG Pro you'll also want to get the update for that as well.


Of course I use TG Pro, thanks for reminding me.


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