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Repair guides and support for Chromebooks manufactured by Samsung.

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Can I replace my Samsung chromebook 4 XE350XBA-K01US charging port?

I want to know if I can change the charging port on my Samsung chromebook 4 XE350XBA-K01US 15.6" by myself. I don't know if it needs to be soldered or if it has screws. I generally like to fix things on my own to save money, but if I have to solder it, I'll be taking it in. If I can fix it on my own, can someone link a video or a how to page for that one?

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Hi Tabitha,

I'd say as a general rule, it's safe to assume all charging ports on all devices are soldered in. Here's a picture of the USB-C port used on your Chromebook.

Block Image

That's definitely a soldered-in connector, sorry to say.

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