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The Samsung RF23HCEDB is a 22.5 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator featuring a Twin Cooling Plus system, FlexZone drawer with four temperature settings, and an external water and ice dispenser. Its design includes spill-proof glass shelves, LED interior lighting, and dimensions of 35 3/4" W x 70" H x 36 1/4" D.

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Fridge cools, but not Freezer


I have a Samsung French Door Fridge, model RF23HCEDBSR. The fridge is cooling, but the freezer is completely not working. Fridge can get down to 38 degrees, but the freezer is at 60.

  • I don't get any error codes when doing a diagnostic
  • The compressor seems to be running and the compressor fan is definitely spinning. Is the fact that the fridge is cooling mean this is ok?
  • The fan in the fridge section sounds like it's spinning
  • I have cleaned the rear condenser coils
  • I checked if the evaporator coils are frozen in the freezer. They are not cold. I am not sure if the fan is running.


  • Any ideas?


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The freezer fan is working. I detached it, fridge threw a 21E error. Put it back, ran diagnostic again and error cleared.


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Are they actually the temps in the compartments or just what the display is showing?

Looking at the refrigerant flow path for the refrigerator on p.20 in the service manual the refrigerant flows through the refrigerator evaporator unit and then through the freezer evaporator unit i.e. series flow, not parallel flow, as it passes through the system so the freezer evaporator unit should be at least as cold as the refrigerator evaporator.

You may have to get the refrigerant high pressure and suction pressure levels in the sealed system measured to find out what's wrong.

Depending on your location you may have to get a licensed repairer to check this due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases.

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