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Why the air from my hairdryer is smelling very bad

The air is smelling very bad

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What is the make and model number of the hair dryer?

Does it have a "burning" smell?


Check the back of the hairdryer. Sometimes there’s like a mesh that gets clogged up restricting the flow of air through it, if it doesn’t get enough air flow it will start to overheat.


Does you hairdryer have a screen for filtering out debris going into the unit? Did you check for hair getting past it, entering the heating element and cooking hair? Cooked/burned hair usually results from the unit ingesting hair and creating the terrible smell.


@notbroken you’ve just wrote what I said 😂


@strongbow, blocking or restricting airflow tends to allow the heating element to create hotter air temps without burning but any debris like hair getting into a hair drier will burn and melt creating the bad odors.


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Try cleaning the filter maybe?

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