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Repair guides for many brands of Chromebook computer.

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What WiFi dongle should I order?

My internal internet card is broken and I can only connect with a dongle. I'm confused about how to find one that's compatible with my Chromebook.

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Hi Jill,

What brand and model of Chromebook do you have?


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The WiFi modules on most of the Chromebooks I've seen in the past are actually fairly easy to replace, so that might be a consideration if we knew the make and model of yours.

Otherwise, an internet search for "USB WiFi adapter for Chromebook" should give you plenty to work with. A user on Reddit has verified that this one from Amazon works with his Acer Chromebook.

Amazon.com: Wireless WiFi USB Dongle Stick Adapter RT5370 150Mbps for MAG 254 250 255 270 275 IPTV Set-Top Box, Jynxbox, Linkbox, Raspberry Pi, Pc Laptops Desktop, for Win7, Win8, Mac OS, Linux : Electronics

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You need to find out the make and model of your device, and I think it's pretty easy to do this if you find the settings of your Chromebook and go to the about device tab. Only by knowing this information can we offer you solutions to the problem. But while your Wi-Fi is not working, you can try to connect to the iptv trial, which will also be a test of your device. If iptv works on your device, there is a chance that the Wi-Fi module is not broken but is blocked by some soft.

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