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Informationen zu Reparatur und Demontage für das Samsung S22 Smartphone, das im Februar 2022 veröffentlicht wurde.

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Why won't my S22 work with my projector?

Why won't my S22 connect with my projector? My old Note 8 had no issues

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Hi @marsattacks

What is the make and model number of the projector?

You should be able to use a USB-C to HDMI cable (supplier example only) if your projector has a HDMI input

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It's an Apeman LC450



Check if your phone has a screen mirroring setting. This should allow HDMI to work as long as you have a working adapter cable as linked above.


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Where to start?



Takes at least 60 seconds, usually longer, to switch on.

Autofocus does not work, hence, often times, I switch the device on, I the have to do a manual focus. Try figuring out how to get to the focus setting under settings menu with a terribly out of focus view to get this right.

Then on to the keystone which should straighten the picture under the Auto Setting, no can do, I need to then manually do this too. And to be clear, the picture is so lop sided, that you would have to tilt your head about 60 degrees to see what is going on.

If the device has been powered off for longer than a few hours, a screen size adjustment needs to be done, manually again.

Thought this thing could project a good picture in the day, absolutely not.

Battery barely lasts, even if fully charged.

Even if the battery is fully charged, we then watch the projector (unplugged from mains) for 60 minutes before bed time, switch it off, and guess what, the very next morning, battery is entirely drained, although it has barely been used. Highly frustrating.

Some of our laptops do not connect via the air to the device, hence we have had to get a mini HDMI (extra cost, for goodness sake, could this not be provided with the extra expensive device ?).

Now, with the mini HDMI, we have to use the long cable instead of the shorter one, to connect the device to the battery due to SAMSUNG, FOR SOME REASON only providing 90 degree C type plugs on 3 of the 4 available plugs (2 cables, 1 long, 1 very very short).

For the above reason, we now have to use the extra short cable to plug the battery into the mains to charge, seriously, SAMSUNG, are you that cheap ?

Also, Surely, as the battery is sold separately, it would come with its own charger and cables ? NOOOOOO SAMSUNG is too CHEAP for this, battery has to be used with the charger that was supplied with the device. Hence, we cannot charge the battery full while watching the projector. HOENESTLY THE STUPIDIST THING I HAVE COME ACROSS!


Overall, a terrible terrible purchase. WATSE OF MONEY.

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