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Where do I find an LCD for RCA RCT6513w87dk (RCA 10 Viking pro)

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I have searched far and wide and cannot find an LCD for my RCA RCT6513w87dk. So I have resorted to asking here if anyone knows where I would be able to acquire one for the tablet. I also measured the screen to be around 11.6 inches if that helps any more.

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Justin Orange, do you have it apart already? Any markings on the back of the LCD? I hate RCA for using LCD's that are so difficult to find. I can find some for the RCT6303 but am not sure about compatibility.


Second @oldturkey03's comment; I had a laptop that I simply could not find an LCD for until I opened it up and found the manufacturer and their part number for the screen itself. After I had that I was able to locate several other devices that used that same part and ended up finding one that was used on a different laptop.


@oldturkey03 I found on the back XianChuang M115WSBN40-03A. I also attached an image of the inside.


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Hi Justin,

I spent a bit of time poking around on the internet, and here's what I found.

First of all, it appears that model RCT6513w87DK is called a Galileo Pro rather than a Viking Pro; that may have contributed to your difficulty in finding a replacement screen.

I was unable to locate any screens using the manufacturing information (XianChuang M115WSBN40-03A), unfortunately. I did find that it appears the first three numeric digits of the model number are supposed to indicate the screen size; in other words, the "115" part of M115WSBN40 stands for 11.5 inches.

However, I did come up with a couple of them on eBay that should work. The search worked much better leaving off the last two letters DK from the model number. You'll have to take a look at them for yourself and decide if they're the right one.

RCA Galileo Pro RCT6513W87 11.5" Genuine Tablet LCD Touch Screen w/Battery

11.6'' LCD Display Screen for RCA 11 Galileo Pro RCT6513W87 Panel free ship #JIA

The first one is a complete display assembly with digitizer and battery (used), while the second is just the LCD itself; you were specifically asking to find an LCD, so I don't know if you need the digitizer as well or not. If that was the case, the digitizer is also available on eBay; it looks like it's running about $15 USD new like this one.

For RCA Galileo Pro 11.5'' RCT6513W87DK Touch Digitizer Screen Replacement

Hope that helps get you going again!

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I ordered the LCD and digitizer because they looked like they would work. It's probably going to take 2 weeks to ship so I guess we will see if it works.


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