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Das Galaxy S6 ist das neue Flagschiff der Galaxy-Linie. Es wurde im März 2015 angekündigt, Verkaufsstart war am 10. April. Die Version mit dem gewölbten Bildschirm ist unter Galaxy S6 Edge bekannt.

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Why does my device charging 100 percent but not switching on?

While charging my phone it gets to 100 per cent fast, however, when it switches on the screen comes on once and then goes off and I'm not sure why.

Please, any ideas are welcome, thanks.

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@iamnana this 'gets to 100 per cent fast' may not be a good thing. It could be the sign of a bad battery. I suggest that you go ahead and replace it with a new one. after that re=evaluate.

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If it got fixed good, if not you want to check deeper. For that you would want to follow this flowchart. since it goes into a board level repair, let us know if you want/need to proceed. We can then identify the corresponding components on your circuit boards.

Block Image

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