My Motorola G6 Stuck In Charging Logo Boot Loop on 0%

This happened about 2 months ago where my phone shut off at random then entered a boot loop for at least 6 hours, I did what everyone would do and went on google to find out how to fix it. The solution for it was the usual recovery mode then power button and volume + at the no command screen. This issue continued to happen every day after that and it would happen whenever I touch the power button as well as let my phone hit 0% and die. Sometimes the boot loop would happen for a hour or so then my phone would randomly turn on and be stuck at 0% and wouldn't show that it's charging. At the present moment it's in a boot loop on the charging logo on and off while showing the % of the phone which is 0% currently. As of now, I can't afford to lose the information that I have present on the phone. I'm not in the area of any available phone technicians or anyone that could assist me in this endeavor.

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