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Reparatur- und Demontageanleitungen für Samsungs Flaggschiff-Android-Smartphone S21 Ultra, das im Januar 2021 veröffentlicht wurde.

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Loses Cell Signal After Screen replacement

So I am testing the phone return repair the signal is working fine fore me have Data and can watch youtube videos. Checked swim card status and my Signal Strength is -107 dBm 33 asu is that bad or good Idk how to read that. Says 4G LTE

Should I reseat antenna connections or is it something else or is it working and my customer just has bad reception where they live?

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Is there any workaround this? I made the, now in hindsight, mistake, of purchasing a refurbished S21 Ultra from Amazon Refurbished that has dead signal most of the time when indoors. I reckon they replaced the screen as part of the refurbishment process without knowing they needed to swap the original antenna in. Unfortunately, sending back the device was not an option at the time so I couldn't get a refund.


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Signal and service issues on the S21 series are typically related to an antenna issue. Even if your new part came with the antenna in the top right corner, you need to transfer the antenna from the original screen and frame. Not sure why, but they seem to be paired together and not transferring the original will typically result in degraded service or no service at all.

Update (08/23/2022)

Sorry image wouldn't post as a comment above:

Block Image

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I did transfer it over but your saying if I replace the part it still will have issues because I was gonna replace the parts just because I don't see the error happening but the customer instead of not doing anything and disappointing my customer


Apologies, I missed that you transferred the antenna from the original frame to the new one. We ran into the same thing a while back and transferring this antenna from the original fixed it: [image|2721646]

With the original antenna transferred and no damage to the board, they might just be in a bad service area.


Is there a fix for this ? I just got done spending 433$ to have my phone repaired and its practically useless. Thank you! (it is too late to get my original antenna back)

Although now the shop is claiming that they did use original antenna because new part doesn't come with one.


i had signal issue with s21 ultra, after transfering this antenna it worked just fine.


Hi, I am trying to open antenna of my samsung device but none of the available tools are helping. could you recommend me something that can help opening it easily. Thanks


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Its very easy to solve this problem, i was also facing the issue but currently i have solved it.

Reset your network settings and your problem will be solved


You can refer to this article, this will help you in resetting your network setting.

Go and solve your problem and thanks me later.

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Following this guide did not fix my issue, I transferred both antennas from the previous frame but mobile data refuses to work unless I'm standing pretty much right next to a cell tower if I buy new antennas would that fix my issue?


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I'm having a similar problem with a Samsung S21U after a screen replacement but mine is having wifi issues primarily on 5G, it is working but significantly reduced range and speeds.

Repair shop said they can't replace the wifi antenna without replacing the cellular antennas also and that would require calibration the shop wasn't equipped to do. I suspect they lied but they aren't going to fix this so now it's on me.

A network connection settings reset did not help. Are there any other options?

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I have a similar issue : since de screen replacement I can send and receive text, use the 5g Lte but I can't receive or make a call it works randomly. And I can't have the original antenna back.

There is really no way to fix this but having the original antenna back?

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