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A high-performance gaming console created by Microsoft, featuring 4K visuals. Model number: 1787

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Why is my console shutting off?

Whenever I try to play wolfenstein 2 the new colossus, my Xbox will start the game up and run fine for about 2-5mins and then freezes and shuts off entirely. When it reboots it says the console overheated but the thing is that it only does this when trying to play wolfenstein 2 the new colossus not with any other game even newer ones. I was thinking it might be full of dust but then wouldn't it overheat with any and everything it tried doing

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As soon as my fan goes to kick on, after a few seconds I get the same thing with war zone or nba2k


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@tileking24 if the console is saying its overheating, thats most likely the issue, dirt buildup can block the console from cooling efficiently. Its possible those games you are playing are more intensive than the others. If you can I would recommend taking a peak inside and cleaning out the fans/heatsink, if you have thermal paste, you can try replacing that as well.

You can follow this guide to remove the fan

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Let me know if anything bad happens and I will try to help as best I can!


I tried blowing and vacuuming the dust out. The system does shut down on a cold start and shuts down on the loading screen, same loading screen every time. I will try all I can before I attempt to open her up. Thanks for the help.


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It is probably something about overheating. The temperature sensor will probably lag behind and by the time when the fan goes on, it is already too late and the console shuts off. Check the fans, heat vents, etc for dust and lint. I dont really do xbox repair so i am just trying somethign that will usually fix the problem. Could also be a faulty power supply.

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