Replaced Fan Still Doesn't Spin

Hi and Thank You in advance for your advice. I love my MacBook unibody mid-2010. I've replaced the fan before and all went well. I replaced it again when it stopped working with Macs Fan Control. However, the new fan isn't spinning. What else could be the problem?



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Do you still have the original Grey CD's that came with your system? If you do locate the one marked diagnostics. Restart your system with it let us know what the diagnostic error code came back.


Thanks for the quick reply! I don't know if I do. If I don't find the CDs, is there another way to run diagnostics please?


@Lucy Sock - What is the OS-X/macOS release your system is running?


@danj High Sierra


@Lucy Sock - OK, let's give this a try: start your system and press the D or try Option - D key to enter into the onboard diagnostics (or internet connected diagnostics). I'm not sure this will work but its the easiest to do.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


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