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This is a troubleshooting and installation guides device page for the Sony PS2 Slimline (SCPH-750xx). The Sony PlayStation 2 Slimline computer system is small, slim and a network ready game console.

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Rapid clicking noise from disc drive when reading discs

My PS2 Slim's disc drive makes a rapid (less than 1 second interval) clicking / grinding noise while reading a disc.

Currently, it's working perfectly fine but the noise is a bit grating.

Can i mitigate it somehow?

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Maybe the laser sled zero position switch is broken, but I’m not sure if all ps2s have that switch because some drive models may be self zeroing.

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What exactly is the zero position switch and why may it be the cause of the clicking? I'm quite new to repairing my devices, so i've got little idea of things like these.


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