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This is a troubleshooting and installation guides device page for the Sony PS2 Slimline (SCPH-750xx). The Sony PlayStation 2 Slimline computer system is small, slim and a network ready game console.

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Why wont my fullmetal alchemist 2 disk wont work on my ps2 slim?

So basically I got this game i ordered off ebay. Its a ps2 game and it is called Fullmetal Alchemist 2 curse of the crimson exiler. My ps2 refuses to read it but reads my other games. Why? Is it because its from another country or is it me just being dumb? I researched how to fix it like cleaning disc or resetting my ps2. Nothing works. Also there was breaking apart the ps2....no. im no tech wiz.

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Hi Kenzi, first I would check the game's box in order to find out the region code: SLUS-21166 serial refers to the american/canadian version (NTSC), SLPM-65708 to the japanese one(NTSC-J). Supposedly you have a US region locked PS2, in this case it won't play the jap title unless you soft/hard mod it to do so. If you can't test it on another system, my advice before asking for a refund is to try installing an emulator such as PCSX2 on your PC and see if it plays the disc without issues

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Ok so in the end after it was an American disc and i havent got rid of the disc but cant use it.

I tried an emulator but too tbh im not smart enough to understand a thing about it and my laptop is not that great.

So maybe a mod? How does that work?

On Wed, 31 Aug 2022, 18:37 iFixit, <support@ifixit.com> wrote:


Alright so if region code matches with your PS2 model it should work. Yeah setting up an emulator requires a bit of work, as generally you are required to dump your system's BIOS to run the program legally, and of course the PC has to match minimum hardware requirements. A console mod will be even trickier if you're not accustomed to this type of operations, and won't help in your case.

Does the disk present smudges or stains? To remove the dirt, first get rid of any dust on the disk with the aid of a soft brush, like the ones you get with LCD cleaning kits, then gently clean the disc with a soft, clean cloth, but remember to wipe from the center to the edge and not in circular motion. Rubbing alcohol and glass cleaner are also thought to work(https://howtocleanthings.com/how-to-clea...) as a deeper cleaning solution.

In case this doesn't do you should consider asking a refund, alternatively give this guide(Kratzer von einer CD entfernen) a try for fixing minor scratches on the disc


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