Rename drive displayed in windows explorer

I have done a full reset/restore on an iPod and it shows up in iTunes as 'iPod" with nothing on it as I expected.

When I look at the device in Windows explorer it shows up as "Jakes iPod" on my Win 7 system.

Is there a way to rename this?

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Amazingly enough, while I was messing with my iPod to check on something for another question, I had the iPod show in my computer, right clicked on it renamed it to something totally different. Now my iPod shows up with the original name in itunes, but a different name in Windows....Multiple Personality to love it :-) not an answer just an observation....


Hmm - I cant right click rename mine!


That is weird....


Yup - running Win 7 Pro (x64). Dunno if that matters....


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