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Reparatur- und Demontageinformationen für das im Oktober 2021 veröffentlichte Pixel 6 Pro-Smartphone von Google. Die Modellnummern sind GB7N6 und G9S9B16.

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Replaced Screen, new screen won't turn on.

Hey I just replaced the screen on my Pixel 6. It fell and broke the LCD underneath the glass and screen protector, but now that I've got the new one in place, it doesn't power on at all.

The phone buzzes like it's on, like when it gets plugged in to charge

I've tried all the youtube suggestions as far as hard resetting it.

But nothing works, it's like the phone isn't recognizing the screen at all.

When I broke it I did take the old screen off and let it sit unattached for a few days. if that matters idk.

I also tried disconnecting the Battery for a few minutes to see if that would change anything, and it didn't.

Any Suggestions? Thanks

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Have you tried disconnecting the new screen and reconnecting it?


Reviewed the questions in the sidebar for info? When dropped, did the screen black out because it's a clue. Dropping can damage delicate circuit board wiring traces invisible to the naked eye without using a jewellers 10x eye loupe or magnifying glass. Damage may occur anywhere including breaking soft solder joints to render any phone display dead while the rest of the phone may work. Of course, without a screen, a phone is useless. Diy repairs has risks as no one ifs an expert.


I have this same problem. If I plug it in to charge, I hear the noise that it's charging and I can even hear phone calls coming and feel the phone rumble. Despite all this, both the old and new screens are not powering on.


@Will Haskell Did the old screen work before you replaced it with the new one?


@Nicholas Kerns yes it did. There's a chip just above the socket where the screen plugs into the motherboard and this chip has a really large dark area covering it. I took it into a local shop and the guy said it looks like the chip may have fried when I was applying the heat to open the phone... If it helps someone else, here was my method: I turned the phone off and applied the iOpener from iFixit for about 1 minute after microwaving it for 30 seconds like it suggested. I then took a guitar pick thing from iFixit and started tearing through the adhesive but I think I pressed the power button while I was doing this step. My guess is that the phone kicked back on but the chip was hot from the iOpener application and fried.


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Double check the fpc connection on the screen ribbon and board for bent pins etc. If nothing found ask the supplier for a replacement screen.

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