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Modell von 2011, A1278 / 2,4 GHz i5 oder 2.8 GHz i7 Prozessor.

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Migrating my stuff from my old MacBook Pro to my new one?

Bought 2020 MacBook Pro and an enclosure for SSD from my old MacBook Pro. my new 2020 MacBook Pro sees old SSD in the enclosure.

How can I migrate information from old SSD to new my MacBook Pro?

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Its magic!

Locate the Migration Assistant application in the Utilities folder, For the Finder select Go > Utilities

And here's the guide you'll need to follow How to transfer data to your new Mac from your old Mac Here the source is the external drive.

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I only have old ssd cabled to new Mac. No keyboard, can't go from one migration assistant to the other


@richard osborne - Run the Migration Assistant from your new system. Plug in the external case drive and use it as your Target


It worked! Thank you for your kind and professional service


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Hi Richard,

Everyone has their own ideas and ways to do this, and I've been in a similar situation and here's what I did.

First off, pull the HD/SSD from the new system and put it in your enclosure.
Install the old SSD and boot the MacBook.
Locate, download and install disk drive cloning software. I've had good success from Carbon Copy Cloner, but choose for yourself.
Plug in the new drive in the external enclosure.
Use your cloning software to clone from the old drive to the new one.
Once complete, swap drives.
Update OS/apps/whatever as appropriate.

Done this a few times and never had any significant issues. Hope it helps; let us know how it goes.

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