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The Samsung RF24FSEDB is a 23.5 cu. ft. French door refrigerator featuring a counter-depth design, fingerprint-resistant finish, Twin Cooling Plus system with separate evaporators, Power Freeze and Power Cool options, and LED lighting.

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RL24FCAS1/XEH Not cooling and not freezing

Hi All

I have RL24FCAS1/XEH Fridge that is not cooling.

Initially I thought it was a regas issue. We called technicians to come and regas the fridge and the bottom freezer worked fine for a night. after that nothing was freezing, top and the bottom.

Mind you this model has no coils underneath it seems to be in foam.. any idea what solution of this can be?

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Hi @horimani,

Can you hear if the compressor motor is operating?

Did the technician's say that it was low on gas or no gas etc?

If so did they check for any leaks in the sealed system?

The refrigerant gas is pumped around in a sealed system i.e. air tight system or more appropriately gas tight ;-) so if there was a leak then it should have been fixed before re-gassing as all that is going to happen is that the gas can escape again resulting in no cooling.

If you paid for this "service", call them back and say that it didn't work.

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Hi @jayeff

Yes. The compressor is operating and I can hear the motor operating. The compressor get warmer too.

They did not check leaks. But they only started regasing and welding copper pipes which I assume is part of a regas.

I paid for the service. I will try contacting them again


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