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Die Xbox Series S ist die aktuelle Konsole von Microsoft, die ohne Laufwerk auskommt. Sie wurde mit ihrem großen Bruder, der Xbox Series X, am 10. November 2020 veröffentlicht.

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xbox series s water damage

where can i send it to get repair

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In order for me to help you choose a repair shop I will need your location


this helps will be greatly appreciated



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@sheike we usually do not make any recommendations to any repair shops. It is extremely difficult to do so objectively. It will always be subjectively since it will be based on the experiences each person had. Commonly, this turns into a lot of SPAM answers. We do make exceptions if the recommendations are to those that are known to iFixit. For that you can check on here https://www.ifixit.com/Business

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Depending on your location, you can typically take it in to a general electronics repair shop, or you can sometimes ship it to a shop. A quick google search gives you the best of both worlds. Of course I would need to know what county you reside in, like @hellomacos mentions

Of course I do want to mention that a Xbox series S Out-Of-Warranty repair is 199.00 USD from Microsoft themselves so if you're getting a quote from an independent repair shop, keep that price in mind.

As far as water damage goes, the best thing you can do for now, is to not plug in the Xbox, and let it dry. If you have an airtight container and silica gel packets, place the packets and Xbox in the container, wait a few days, and then I would try starting the Xbox

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