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Screen went black all of the sudden

Hi guys,

I have the same problem.

Mine TV (QM16.3E LA - 49PUS6551/120 ) gave up yesterday, after almost 4 years. Screen went black all of the sudden, I tried all kind of resets, power drain but still is black.

All other works, sound, ambilight, I can seen even very dark image - UI of Android so I believe it can be only defective backlight, or?

Any chance to verify that LED strips are failed only? I've seen a videos how to change them, but I would like to rule out T-Con board, or power supply. I am going through the service manual but still not sure where I could measure voltage on PSU or T-Con to test if LED strips are getting power. I don't want to do such work before knowing it is the root cause :(

Any idea please?

Video - chaning LED strips

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@marcmsk since there is an image created the T-con board is unlikely. Leaves you with either the power board or the LED backlight strips. Post some good pictures of your boards so we can see what you see and hopefully "show" you where to check the power board. The other thing you can do is try and get an LED backlight tester ($USD20 on Amazon/Walmart etc). That way you know for sure. (Gut instinct, it's a Philips and you have an image=backlight array;-)

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Hi @oldturkey03,

you were right. I was hesitating to replace the backlit because I couldn't understand how can 7 pairs of LED strips suddenly fail. All of them. The cabling looks like it is not a serial connection, but probably it is.

However I measured a voltage on T-Con board, and all was looking fine, so I ordered spare strips, replaced them and when device powered, all the LEDs lit up as a supernova :). I assembled all back and can enjoy working TV again.

A repair service offered replacement for 250 EUR, I got the new set of strips for 47 EUR and two hours of work. What a good feeling to fix something on our own.

Thank you for your answer.


@marcmsk glad it worked out for you. Saved yourself 200 EUR that I am certain you can use on more important things. Remember



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