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A hand-held PDA developed by Palm, Inc. The cheapest device in the Tungsten series, it contains 32 megabytes of memory and a 126 MHz processor. It is 4.5 in long, 3.1 in wide, and 0.5 in thick. It comes with a stylus to operate its touch screen functions.

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Can I install in my laptop with windows 7?

can I instal palm tungsten E in my laptop with windows 7?

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Abraham Rosas, looks like it can be done, but needs some tweaking. Read this Microsoft Answer section, read all of it, since it does also tell you to revert back to an older Palm Desktop version. Hope this helps, good luck.

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original Palm systems disk which came with the device has older desktop software already on it.

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lcgraham, hopefully this got resolved over the last two years since this question was originally asked.:-)


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