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A2115 / 2020 / Prozessoren beginnend mit 3,1 GHz 6-Core i5, bis 3,8 GHz 8-Core i7. Markteintritt am 4. August 2020.

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Where is the hard drive?

Block Image

Inside of mid 2020 27" iMac.

Hard drive? Next step is to open covers. This is much more complicated than the older imacs. No visible hard drive that I could see.

It looks to me like the HD is under the logic board. I'm not taking that out unless you know. I don't need to change the drive since it's not broken. I do a lot of investing and at the moment I have two mini macs with max memory and ssd's on my desk and they are doing fine. Using the HP24mh monitors with speakers. 4stars.

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@ldonj - Depending on which configuration bought it could have a blade SSD which is mounted on the back side of the logic board. If bought withe a HDD it would be just above the power supply.

Apple uses a custom PCIe/NVMe blade SSD.

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I don't remember an SSD being offered when I bought this in 19 or 20. If it was I'm sure it was expensive.


@ldonj - Then you have a blade SSD as you can see in this guide iMac Intel 27 Zoll Retina 5K Display 2019 Blade SSD tauschen


As you can see from the photo above in the 2020 the layout is different and the drive, whatever it might be, must be on the back of the logic board. I decided it wasn't worth effort to remove the board so I just closed it back up.


@ldonj - Correct! Apple sold two versions a Fusion Drive which was a dual drive setup an HDD and the Blade SSD or a Blade SSD only system.

You clearly have a SSD only system no spinning disk HDD. Over time SSD’s get full and need to be cleaned of no longer need stuff and ideally, you should have an external drive to extend your storage if you need more space.


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