Backlight power cable / pinout question

I converted my 5k 2020 iMac into just a monitor using a converter board.

Unfortunately I now have some uneven LCD lighting along the very bottom of the screen as pictured.

During the "mod", I damaged one of the 12 (I believe) tiny power wires, but when I tested it before closing up the iMac, I didn't notice this and thought I was lucky with that wire being a ground connection or something.

I'm hoping to get confirmation from someone really knowledgable about these LCDs as to whether that is indeed the problem, because if it is, I may take it apart again and try to solder or replace that power cable.

But if its just other damage to the LCD/backlight, then I probably won't bother with it.

The power ribbon cable splits into two cables that plug into either side of the screen, underneath black adhesive tape. I didn't realize there were connectors under there and ripped up the tape, ripping the two 6-pin "jumper" things out of their sockets. Only one wire was damaged.

Block Image


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