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Repair guides and support for your Philips TV.

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ambilight ok, sound ok, image ok if lit with flashlight.

Having same problem on Philips: ambilight ok, sound ok, image ok if lit with flashlight. For this one I don't know the issue yet but suspect power supply. Well, unlikely the fuse as I had this issue last week then TV came to life again few hours later, ’til tonight…

I had similar issue before on Panasonic TV going black and the more you wait the more it stays on, then red LED blinks.  For this one, it was one backlight LED which started to go away. Cold TV, contact is good enough. When hot, this white LED goes off, then I guess a probe shuts down the whole backlight and warn with red LED blink. Re-soldering this single LED saved the TV.

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@lcld sound slike failed backlight array. First it's a Philips, and they are having lots of issues with that. Of course, we will need to know the exact model. You can and should measure the DC voltage on the LCD backlight connector on the power board. It is VDC so use your meter accordingly and start high and work dow i.e. 300V then move your meter down. Let us know that voltages you get. Of course you can get an inexpensive backlight tester (~USD$25) at places like Amazon and then you will know for sure.

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