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Refrigerators produced by Samsung.

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Icing issue, replacing temp sensor, found socket to be corroded

We were getting the e5 error on our samsung french door fridge freezer. Following the advice of many posts on the internet, I checked the defrost temp sensor and found the plug to be very corroded. I purchased a replacement but when going to install it I have noticed that the corrosion problem as eaten away one of the pins in the socket. The socket (looking at the lugs on it) does not come off into the fridge unit, it must be removed after removing the whole back of the unit.

Has anyone done this repair? I have not so far been able to find a part number for that socket yet.


Block Image

Added photo. This is the socket. You can see the top right receptacle has no metal pin in it. You can also see that the retaining clips are this side of the fridge wall, and the yellow body is larger than the hole, so it does not 'come out this way' and needs to be accessed from the back...

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Hi @davidkclark,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


The model is SRF679SWLS, but the condenser icing issue seems to be common to all the similar “twin cooling” models with the condenser on the back wall of the fridge.


Hi @davidkclark

I can't find a socket for the model but was just wondering if you could prise the socket out back into the compartment at all?

Hopefully there is enough slack in the wiring to do this.

If you can then perhaps as a workaround you could cut the wires from the socket and then strip a bit off the insulation from the wires and solder and sleeve (with a suitably sized heatshrink tubing example only) the defrost sensor to the wires from the harness.

I don't think that polarity is important but you should be able to work out which wire connects to which anyway. Also disconnect the power to the refrigerator when you do this (if you want to do this) as you don't want to create any problems on the control board when cutting , joining wires etc if you accidentally short them together or to the frame of the refrigerator as the control board will be supplying power through the sensor. Maybe only 12V or even 5V but still can damage the components on the board if it's shorted out.

When the joint is completed seal the opening where the wires come through with a neutral cure silicone sealer so that no cold air can escape. etc


The socket is bigger than the hole it is poking into the compartment through. (I can't see any way to post a picture of the socket without adding an answer or I would...) So bringing it intact into the fridge compartment is a no go unfortunately.

I do have a tech coming out from a reparier, but my hunch is their response will be either "we don't fix that" or "that will be 10 hours labour at $120 per hour plus transport to our service center"...

If I have to do it myself, I was pretty much planning on doing what your advice was regarding just changing the plug to directly wire in the temp sensor. The same plug serves one connection of the defrost heater too, but that shouldn't be any harder to replace as long as I can get the socket out. My plan is the try to access it from the back, though if that proves difficult, I might have to try removing the socket destructively... I do not wish to scrap a fridge due to the failure of what is likely a couple of dollars worth of parts.


Hi @davidkclark,

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Just as a bit of closure on this. I dug out the receipt from when we purchased it, which was 5 1/2 years ago. Contacted Samsung with the description, photos, report of "unrepairable" from their approved technician. About 1 week later they got back to me with the information that "due to a major manufacturing defect" they would offer me a refund of the full purchase price (in store credit at the same retailer, unit to be returned). Unhappy as I am to lose my sodastream fridge, I don't think I could have hoped for a much better outcome after more than 5 years.

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Hi David,

I have this exact same model of fridge (SRF679SWLS) and have been having the same issue over the last few weeks.

After contacting Samsung and engaging an approved technician to investigate, they stated that there was corrosion in the temperature sensor and the sockets, and they replaced the temperature sensor with a new part.

They then did a quick test and stated that if the issue still persisted, that the fridge was unrepairable.

I've since contacted Samsung again and showed them the technicians report, but I have not had any response from them. It's now been over 3 weeks and I haven't had a functioning fridge.

Can I please ask what country you are located in, and who the retailer was?

I am located in Australia.




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