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device charges very slowly with third-party cables

My S10 charges very slowly with third-party cables, it happened suddenly 2 days ago and now my phone takes 5 hours to charge completely, I can use the fast charging only with well fitting cables like my mothers official xiaomi cable (it makes a click sound and is very sturdy). Is there a way to fix this? I know the 3rd party cable is good enough because it works perfectly on my father's s10

PS: if it can help, my battery is equivalent to 2500 mah after years of use (according to accubattery)

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@smollphotograph number one rule would be, do not use aftermarket cables or chargers. Most of those are of such inferior quality , that they can actually cause damage to your device. Yes, seems like such a minute thing, until it destroys the charging circuitry of your device. If you ever have a chance, use an oscilloscope and connect it to an aftermarket cab;e/charger. You'll see a lot of "dirty" spikes etc. Use a good quality cable made for your device and see if that makes a difference.

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